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    Packaging with a view

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    Variety – the art of FRAME

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Out-of-the-ordinary presentation packaging

We do not offer standard packaging here but rather the perfect presentation of your products. While traditional packaging also has its place, out-of-the-ordinary packaging is also an effective marketing tool, since your products receive what they deserve: ultimate attention. Floating-frame packaging is new and different. It looks good, and so does the product being packaged, since it appears to be floating in the frame. This special effect is achieved by having the packaged objects held by two transparent silicone inserts. The floating packaging sends your message and directs the view to the encased items. This eye-catcher comes in a variety of sizes and not just in the in-stock colours of black or white but also in the colour of your choice with customised packaging solutions. This packaging is ideally suited as a promotional product for trade fairs and events. It is easy to handle, as well as slim and compact. The frame looks attractive from all sides and can also be upgraded through effective techniques to enhance its appearance. This includes having lettering or your logo imprinted on it, which turns basic packaging into your very special presentation packaging.

Mobile display case – a frame for objects

Put your products at centre stage with our floating frames. With this packaging, you can display your products in style, such as collector items, coins and medals, mementos, gems. What makes it unusual is that it appears as if the products are floating in the frame packaging. Handling is extremely easy, since the convenient magnet closure can be opened and shut much like a book. The object is placed between two silicone inserts, and both sides are then held together with the magnet closure. As a result, the collectible can be easily removed and replaced with another one. In this way, you can show off all collector items and mementos in a unique manner. Gifts can be handed over directly in the frame packaging. Regardless of whether your gifts are minerals, fossils, coins, watches, jewellery, writing instruments, etc., you can present everything perfectly with the floating frame. That makes it possible to draw attention to the content of the small display case in an unusual, decorative way. The objects can be viewed from all sides, allowing them to be displayed as free-standing items. In this way, the gift packaging brings together innovation and design.

Innovative packaging solutions

The presentation of products is the key task of packaging. It can distinguish your products from those of competitors and strengthen their appeal, since the first thing that customers often see is the product’s wrapping. For this reason, we put a great deal of knowledge from technique, design, marketing, and materials into the development of new packaging solutions. Therefore, when developing new gift packaging, we rely on designs that are convincing and that correspond to the product. We are your packaging specialist when it comes to idea and design development, visualisation, optimisation, and implementation of new packaging solutions. The options for unusual, decorative gift packaging are limited only by your imagination. Regardless of what is to be packaged, our creative employees combine striking design ideas and appealing shapes with the appropriate materials in order to create convincing solutions. Product and packaging always have to be viewed as a single unit, since only in this way does high-quality presentation packaging come about that meets the wishes of your customers. We do not underestimate the impact of effective gift packaging, since only sophisticated, attractive gift packaging supports the purchasing decision.